Analyzing & Correcting Swing Flaws Video,
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Analyzing & Correcting Swing Flaws Video,

Learn from the Pros the secrets of Hitting

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This 3 ½ hour program will change the sport for you. Like 3 dvds in one, the first two hours extensively break the swing down into 3 drillable parts… using today's top pro hitters as demonstration models…. Explained in such fine detail, any lingering questions on how the swing works and what mental aspects need to be focused on…are answered . Using high speed camera's and graphic overlays, we address and clarify swing facts and focus's. Once the mechanics are better understood, we spend the next hour, introducing a progressive series of drills that start with no equipment, progress thru tee work, soft toss and finally culminate with live bp. These drills can be done daily and will teach you in steps… the proper swing mechanics…You'll learn how a rotational based natural power swing can allow you to swing strongly with solid base mechanics…so the swing tempo, timing and speed never need to change….thus bringing consistency to our base swing….Next we learn that by aiming at the top, middle or bottom of the ball, we can easily change our swing angle and develop the ability to hit the top half or bottom half of the ball …creating top spin or under spin… with up to an 85% consistency. When you learn to expand your POC, (point of contact), and can place these powerful hits to open areas of the defense…. batting .800 and higher becomes an attainable goal.