Slump breaking Hitting Video
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Slump breaking Hitting Video

Blasting Bombs,Spraying Singles and Unleashing Rotational Power, Featuring the Evil Ball.

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Break that slump with this video from Northstar production.Blasting Bombs,Spraying Singles and Unleashing Rotational Power, Featuring the Evil Ball.

My personal review, Dont try to view this in one sitting, It is WAY to much info. Look at it in pieces and come back to the chapters you need again and again.

The super major pro softball and elite major league baseball hitters have a secret . It`s called ROTATIONAL hitting.  This technique involves a winding and unwinding of the hips and entire body, resulting in an explosive rotation and  the highest level of consistency and power.  This DVD is a complete hitters bible.  The first hour covers Power hitting showing the pro`s and con`s of Rotational vs. Tomahawk techniques.  Rotational hitting is then taught… learning the FEEL of the swing by doing 4 ingenious drills, then rapidly progressing to the tee and finally live pitching.  You will be stunned with the speed at which you develop this swing and how consistent it delivers a powerful blast.  It’s logical, natural and for many, it will be the first time they really  discover the correct mechanics.

While our staff presents the base instruction,  we also feature 24 guest instructors.  Ranging in talent from 5 super major hitters to high level rec hitters, these athletes present each technique in their terms..enabling the viewer to see the presentation from differing viewpoints…hopefully one that best relates to their body style and swing goals.   Besides Rotational hitting, we also present the pros and cons of  tomahawk power hitting. In limited homerun play, its even more important to be able to dial up a homerun at will., Just when its needed.

Part 2 features base hitting strategies.   We present 12 variations including spin variation, linear mechanics, changing the swing style and speed and finally hitting select pitches for desired results.  This amazing diversity enables you  to utilize the style of base hitting that best suits your needs.. accurately placing the ball to all fields  Again the tee is used for developing and refining these skills before progressing to live pitching.

This program is an Encyclopedia of hitting.  Your best results will be to watch a chapter, then go out to the tee and try out the techniques.  2 hours of information is not designed to be viewed in one session.  Let it help you step by step.  Awesome video footage and dozens of clips reinforce the teaching, keeping the presentation entertaining.      With a rockin’ soundtrack , we finish with 5 national base hit and homerun contests…providing entertainment but more importantly offering a variety of pro and rec swings that can be viewed and analyzed.  NO other DVD has ever been so comprehensive for complete hitting and presented in such an entertaining manner.

Hosted by Ken Van Bogaert, it’s the 7th hitting instructional by Northstar Productions, Inc. 2006  1:45 DVD